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Install: Wheelers Superbumps

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Wheeler's Superbumps

With around 30% more travel than the 100 Series, the 200 Series Land Cruiser's front suspension inspires a lot of confidence. My trail riding pace is pretty quick and I love to bomb a trail when I get the chance. The 200's suspension just eats up the trails at speed and I love to hit the occasional dip or whoop. Unfortunately, the front suspension can sometimes bottom out rather harshly during these activities. At some point in the future I plan to do a Tundra conversion with King coilovers that should be able to absorb the hard hits better. Until then I decided to try something a little different to help absorb the blows.

Factory Bumpstop

The Wheeler's Superbump bumpstops are made from a super durable micro-cellular polyurethane and provide a much more controlled, progressive and comfortable bottoming response when you are really pushing it on the trail. As large as they are compared to the factory bumpstops, Wheelers claim that articulation and travel isn't affected.

Superbump compared to factory bumpstop

Installation is fairly straightforward. I would recommend shooting a little penetrating oil on the threads of the factory bumpstops a day or two before you plan to start the work. Once you are ready, chock the rear tires and support the front of the truck on jack stands, then remove the wheels. I found it was easiest to use a large pipe wrench to remove the factory bumpstops. If you used the penetrating oil they should come off with no problem.

Pipe Wrench makes for easy removal

The Superbumbs come with an allenhead bolt and a short allen wrench for installation. In my case, the Allen wrench was still too long and I had to cut a few inches off of it to clear the lower control arm. If you don't have another tool or driver that will work, be prepared to make this cut. It's not difficult with a saw or grinder. All that's left do do after that is just run the bolt up through the Superbumps and tighten it up.

For the money and ease of installation, I highly recommend these bumpstops if you enjoy spirited trail riding and would like to have a nicer ride. Until you are ready to move to a $$$$$ suspension, this a a great solution!

Installed Superbump

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