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I was born and raised on a family farm in South Georgia. Growing up I learned to work at an early age. I was driving a tractor and turning a wrench before I was ten years old. It wasn't long before I was behind the wheel of a truck, taking every curve sideways and jumping every hill I could find. When I got stuck I pulled myself out. When something broke I fixed it. I learned to love working with my hands. On my back in the dirt under a broken peanut picker, or in the 100 degree heat leaned over an irrigation pump, to torching a seized bearing off a harrow in the cold winter rain. Thats what we did, that was our way of life. My passion for wrenching and then outdoors was born on that farm and it still drives me today.
In 2015, after years of driving and breaking Fords and Chevys and Jeeps, I bought my first Land Cruiser. It was an 80 Series and the first time I drove it I was hooked. I've never looked back. Since then I've owned an 80, two 100 Series, and two 200 Series. The style, engineering, reliability, mystique, community....they are just amazing vehicles.
I decided to concentrate on the 100 and 200 Series Land Cruisers on this blog. Out of all the Cruisers they suit my adventure travel needs best. I've been building my 100 series for nearly five years and my 200 for about 6 months. Ive learned a lot and I'm still learning. My goal here is to share what I've learned from my builds and also maybe pass along a little of the excitement from my travels and adventures. So take a little time, grab a drink, sit back, explore a bit.... because really, that's what it's all about.

100 Series in Osceola National Forest
200 Series on the Georgia Traverse
200 Series Top of the World, Moab
100 Series Imogene Pass
200 Series Imogene Pass
100 Series Imogene Pass
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